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Two words. Most people might have heard of it but really do not have any idea of the impact of the product that these “two words” can have on the millions of, “users” of smokeless tobacco.

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1) Pouch tobacco – this product is a stringy cut of tobacco that is marketed in a pouch about 4″ X 6″ or so in size.

2) Powdered snuff – this product is a finely ground dry tobacco that comes in tins or glass bottles. It is used by placing it in the mouth either by pinching it between the fingers or using a “brush”, a stick sometimes chewed to make a brush end and then placing the wet end into the bottle or tin and getting the powder on it. The brush is then placed in the mouth.

3) Moist ground tobacco: This product is placed in round cans about three inches or so across. They are reported to have up to 5 times the nicotine as cigarettes.

4) Plug tobacco: This product comes in a block, resembling a candy bar.

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5) Twist tobacco: This product is strands of tobacco that are formed into rolls and them twisted and wrapped in plastic. If the “twist” were removed, they would be about 12″ or so long.

Is smokeless tobacco safe to use?

The tobacco companies give the impression that it is a safe alternative to cigarette smoking but smokeless tobaccos, like cigarettes, are sometimes more addictive and contain high concentrations of cancer-causing chemicals.

Smokeless Tobacco Users Should Check For The Following

1) Sores that fail to heal and bleed easily

2) Whitish patches ( leukoplakia)

3) Sensation of something in the throat

4) A lump or thickening

6) Difficulty in chewing or swallowing food

Anyone who is using smokeless tobacco and is interested in quitting this dangerous and sometimes fatal habit can discover more information on the subject of quitting by reading a free eBook that can be found at the following link below:

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