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Surprisingly, or maybe not such a surprise, tobacco has good uses as a remedy for getting rid of some garden bugs and other critters. Be cautious and use wisely.

Here are seven ways that you can use tobacco and nicotine as a remedy for garden and yard pests.

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1) Put a cigarette in a quart of water and let it stand overnight. The nicotine will release a poison into the water that you can use to spray and kill insects with.

2) Prepare a mixture of one half cup of powdered garlic with one cup of compost. Add one cup of tobacco (a good use of cigarette butts) or use organic tobacco. Blend this mixture into the soil around the base of your aphid infested plants.

7) Drop a package of chewing tobacco into a gallon of boiling water. Take off the heat, and let it cool down. After it has cooled, strain the solution. Pour a cup of the solution and a half cup of lemon scented liquid soap into a sprayer. Spray the solution around your yard and outside of your house to get rid of spiders.

Caution: Since nicotine is a poison, be sure to keep it away from areas where children play and where pets roam. Also, keep it away from fish and roses. It will make roses turn black.

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Although frowned upon for being a partaker in the multitude of tobacco-caused fatalities reported each year, nicotine in freebase form can have remarkable effects on the body; most, if not all of them being remedially beneficial.

Nicotine, in and of itself, does not cause disease. One of nicotine's metabolites, cotinine, improves memory and protects brain cells from diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's according to a recent government study. Alzheimer's disease is caused by a loss of nicotinic receptors in the brain resulting acetylcholine deficiency. Without the chemical acetylcholine, the brain's memory function becomes impaired and numerous other adverse mental conditions develop. By artificially replacing acetylcholine through nicotine therapy, the damaging effects of Alzheimer's diseases on the brain are inhibited. These findings are recent and still undergoing research to develop more sophisticated treatment methods. Experimental treatment of genetically modified rats has proven to be incredibly successful, but nicotine therapy may take years until endorsed by medical authorities and utilized as a known treatment option.

Despite nicotine's curative powers, its legacy of merciless carnage through tobacco related illnesses overshadows its advantages. But it was not until recently, that technology may soon change the face of its name. It has inflicted the lives of many with it powerful addictive force, however, as technology continues to progress and as research continues to cultivate new discoveries, the drug that has taken the lives of many has a promising outlook for an opposite effect.


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